Why Trump Won?

I hope I don’t need to preface every comment by saying I don’t like Trump but things are not as black and white as many seem to think. I do think hTrump and some of his ideas are deplorable as are some of his supporters but I don’t characterise, as Clinton did, all his supporters as ‘deplorables’. Clinton is deplorable as are some of her ideas and supporters. Some Clinton supporters considered her the lesser evil, she may well have been the ‘lesser evil’, time will not tell as we can never know what might have been, but she is by no means ‘less evil’. I think there is real danger from a Trump presidency, his position and early appointments on the environment and Iran are already worrying, and there is no doubt that he has tapped into a deep vein of racism and misogyny but that really isn’t the whole story and while I think that this article by Andrew Korbko fails to address the real racism, misogyny, chauvinism and logophobia ingrained in American society and on both sides of the party political divide, it does offer pertinent insights into the condition of the working classes that Clinton dismissed as deplorables in the same way that she dismissed, years earlier, the troubled and troublesome children of the black communities as ‘super predators’. Agree or disagree, this is worth reading just as the Michael Moore video that Andrew references is worth watching: http://katehon.com/article/dear-foreign-friends-heres-why-trump-won-clevelander


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Dennis Skinner on the Thatcher Legacy

This is a brilliant speech. Dennis Skinner shows how Margaret Thatcher was, among other things, the architect of privatisation.

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Osho is often condemned as a cult leader who exploited psychologically vulnerable followers. I don’t know enough so can’t judge his integrity, but he left behind a body of work that expresses a poignancy and poetry that is peculiar to him. It is in the beauty of his expressions that he flowers and that is his gift not the facts of his life.

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Four Purposes of Life



“If man were wise, he would gauge the true worth of anything by its usefulness and appropriateness to his life.”
Michael de Montaigne

The wise person would first seek some clarity as to what their life and its purposes were and then they would have to determine what was useful to those purposes. Hindu philosophy defined four purposes which for the sake of brevity we can name as survival, pleasure, duty and transcendence. See http://swamij.com/purusharthas.htm

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Make Your Life a Friction

Profound and watchable, this video challenges the myth of America as a ‘beacon of freedom‘ but is applicable to the Western political culture that it leads. The video speaks of an American Nightmare but it is also a Common Nightmare, a Human Nightmare.

The video’s author invites us to be our own beacons of freedom to be the friction in the machine and honestly warns us that doing so puts us in harms way. I do not wish to be a friction in the machine because the machine will crush those who are a friction within it. It crushes them in many ways and it will claims the moral authority to do so. The machine, the nightmare, is not only the state or the system it is ourselves and other people.

Fear, guilt and a perception that we are no better that the rest, that we are not more gifted or enlightened or competent or moral than the majority of humanity keeps us quiet. But maybe fear of what we could be if we allowed ourselves keeps us no more gifted or enlightened or competent or moral than we currently are.

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Really clever piece of agitprop subverting the damage control intentions of the original version.

I hate coke though I sometimes drink other fizzy rubbish. Anyone who is aware of what they consume knows that Coke is poison but there are plenty of people including young children who don’t know about the effects of sugar consumed in this massive way.

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Don’t Join the Military

A good resource for discussion around the idealisation of the military. Contrast this with the recent lauding of Prince Harry for his service in Afghanistan.


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