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Make Your Life a Friction

Profound and watchable, this video challenges the myth of America as a ‘beacon of freedom‘ but is applicable to the Western political culture that it leads. The video speaks of an American Nightmare but it is also a Common Nightmare, a Human Nightmare.

The video’s author invites us to be our own beacons of freedom to be the friction in the machine and honestly warns us that doing so puts us in harms way. I do not wish to be a friction in the machine because the machine will crush those who are a friction within it. It crushes them in many ways and it will claims the moral authority to do so. The machine, the nightmare, is not only the state or the system it is ourselves and other people.

Fear, guilt and a perception that we are no better that the rest, that we are not more gifted or enlightened or competent or moral than the majority of humanity keeps us quiet. But maybe fear of what we could be if we allowed ourselves keeps us no more gifted or enlightened or competent or moral than we currently are.


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